Together...We Can Save Lives

Will all your loved ones be around the table this holiday season? For many families, there will be an empty chair.  

A loved one may no longer be with you because of his or her addiction.  Whether you have been separated through alienation, incarceration, or even death, we understand how the disease of addiction affects individuals and families. 

At Elevate, we work every day to prevent addictions to drugs and alcohol from starting, to intervene early when these substances lead folks astray and to support family members and friends struggling with a loved one’s addictive behaviors.

This past year alone, Elevate staff:

  • Taught more than 3000 Washington County kids about the dangers of alcohol and drug use with the intent of delaying the onset of the use of these drugs.  Research shows that the longer we delay the first use of alcohol, the less likely kids are to develop an addiction later in life
  • Worked with almost 600 kids who made bad choices related to alcohol and other drugs and/or participated in other delinquent behavior.  We worked with their families, schools, law enforcement and other community partners to get them back on track fast so that they could be successful in school and ultimately contribute to their communities as adults
  • Provided support for 592 individuals through our Substance Abuse Family Education and Support Group
  • Launched the Opiate Treatment and Diversion Program to provide a strong support system, proper treatment, and coordination of services across multiple systems, to adult residents of Washington County with a pending charge for possession of narcotic drugs.  Our goal is to assist these individuals in making long-term behavior changes supportive of a sober lifestyle and avoiding future interaction with the legal system.
  • Gathered more than 100 community leaders in an effort to collaboratively put an end to the heroin crisis in Washington County and beyond

We need your support! Our grants cannot cover all of our expenses and there are thousands of families, maybe even your own, who struggle in one way or another with the disease of addiction. Will you help us help them?  Will you let us help you and your family?

With financial support from people like you, we can continue our work in the communities throughout Washington County so that no family has an empty chair at their holiday dinner, this year -- or ever. 

Together, with your donation and our passion and commitment, we’ll not just change lives … we’ll save lives.

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Won't you please make a gift to Elevate to honor someone you love or respect, or, make a tribute in memory of someone lost to the disease of addiction.  When your gift is received, Elevate will send a note to the honoree or family acknowledging your gift.