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Have you ever had a conversation about being “addicted” to Diet Coke, or chocolate, or even coffee?  It seems we’ve all had those discussions about seemingly harmless habits.  Then why, I ask, is it so hard for us to talk about other addictions, like those to alcohol or Heroin?

As a community in the midst of an opioid epidemic, you’d think we’d be more open to talking about this and other serious addictions, as well as working together to prevent them or help those who already suffer the consequences of these debilitating illnesses. 

We believe that people are reluctant to have these discussions because of stigma.  By nature of the disease, alcohol and drug addiction often contribute to behavior that may embarrass or cause shame for the individual or their family.  It’s one thing to talk about having one too many candy bars or cups of coffee.  It’s another to talk about the more serious consequences of an alcohol or drug addiction. 

So, at Elevate, we want to change the conversation. We want to break down the stigmas associated with the disease of addiction.  If the stigma was gone, would it help people talk more freely and find the help that they need? 

Is this a simplistic thought process?   Perhaps, but it does draw intriguing parallels.   

Thousands of Individuals and families, right here in Washington and Waukesha Counties, are affected by addiction and they need our help.  The challenge is that we can’t help them without your support. We can’t change the conversation without you.

The demand for our services continues to grow, as do the financial burdens placed upon our nonprofit agency. In the past year alone, we have been called to:

  • Triple our outreach to families who struggle with a loved one’s addiction. 

  • Add multiple programs to intervene early in the lives of youth and adults who are heading in the wrong direction as the result of the use of drugs or alcohol.

  • Increase our implementation of prevention programming in schools to teach youth about the risks of alcohol and drug use because research shows, the longer they delay using, the less likely they are to develop an addiction later in life.

Please consider a gift to Elevate so that we can continue to help those with an addiction overcome the stigma, provide support to their families and continue our work to “change the conversation” about addiction.

P.S. Here’s our challenge to you.  Even if you can’t help us financially, help us change the conversation by changing the way you perceive addiction.  Consider giving up whatever your “addiction” is, whether that be coffee, Diet Coke, chocolate or something else -- for just one week.  See how challenging it is for you and think about those struggling with the stigma of having an addiction to alcohol or drugs. 


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