More than 20 million Americans suffer from an addiction -- an illness with a worse prognosis than most cancers.  Like cancer, an addiction can lie dormant until a switch is turned on and it begins to grow.  It can progress slowly over decades, or, in cases like those associated with Heroin, it can prove fatal quickly, sometimes with the very first use.

In Washington County, we are experiencing an unprecedented heroin epidemic and we need your help.  

For more than 40 years, Elevate Inc., the result of a merger between the Council on Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse of Washington County and Nova Services, has worked to educate young people about the dangers of substance abuse and intervene early when they got off track. We have also been here to support families struggling with a loved one’s addiction.  But, as this epidemic grows, so too do the requests for our support and services. That is why we are launching our very first Annual Giving Appeal.

Your gift to Elevate’s First Annual Campaign will help us strengthen our outreach to young people. It will help us to intervene early so that we can make a profound impact and end this heroin epidemic. Your support will also help us expand our Family Education and Support Group—a vital program that participants describe as a life line that helps them effectively cope with their loved one’s addiction.  

Together, with your donation and our passion and commitment, we’ll not just change lives … we’ll save lives.

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