Youth Intervention Program

It’s been said that it takes a village to raise a child.  At Elevate, we’re part of that village, as a resource for schools, law enforcement, health and human services, as well as for adolescents and their families. It’s our mission to support young people and families as they navigate their way through what can sometimes be challenging times.

How Referrals Work

We receive referrals from law enforcement and the courts, schools and social service agencies, as well as parents who are concerned about their child.  Most often, we see young people who have made a poor choice, gotten involved in underage drinking or drug use, or are experiencing issues with grades or school attendance.  Some may have consequences for illegal behavior like vandalism or theft. Other referrals come directly from parents that see their child is struggling and they ask for help because they love their child and want them to be successful. Whatever the case, our trained assessors are here to help determine the root cause of the behavior through our assessment process, and assist with services to intervene early.

To refer a young person to our youth intervention program, please complete this form.

The Assessment Process

The assessment process involves two steps.  During the first screening, which typically lasts about 15 minutes, we gather information that helps us help the client better.  Parents also complete paperwork to ensure that Elevate offers the appropriate services.  

During the second session, the adolescent and parent meet with the assessor for approximately one hour. During this time, the assessor gathers information to better understand the root cause of the youth’s initial referral, including alcohol and drug use, mental health or trauma, and provides the family with programming recommendations.


The outcome of an assessment may result in the young person being referred to one or more of the following to assist them in effectively addressing the issues that brought them to the Youth Intervention Program:
•    Educational programming
•    Restorative Justice programming
•    Substance abuse or mental health counseling
•    Truancy support programming
•    Crime Impact or Safe Relationships circles
•    Community service

Biomarker Testing

Biomarker testing may be used as a tool during the assessment process.  The test involves taking fingernail samples which are then sent to a lab for processing.  Fingernails reflect a person’s alcohol and other drug consumption going back several months, as alcohol and other drugs are incorporated into the nails from the blood stream and remain locked in the nail and hair as they grow.

Clients are advised not to cut their fingernails for 10 days prior to their appointment and remove all fingernail polish, refrain from applying artificial nail gels, tips and acrylics prior to the appointment. A driver's license is required for proof of identification.

The cost of the biomarker test is $200.00 which is due in full at the time of your appointment. We accept cash, money order and credit/debit cards, but we do not accept personal checks. If results need to be expedited, there will be an additional cost.

Lab results generally arrive at our facility within 7-10 business days.


Assessment Fees

There may be a fee for our services. Please contact us and speak with one of our intake specialists for more information.  We make every effort to keep our costs low and accommodate families with limited income.    

Contact Us

To refer a young person who may benefit from one of Elevate’s programs or services, please complete this form, or call 262-677-2216.  For more information send us an email


“ I was very impressed...After Elevate’s truancy counselor got involved, the student’s attendance and grades improved dramatically.”
— School staff member

OWI Process

Elevate Helps Navigate the OWI Process

You have recently been convicted of operating while under the influence.  Elevate’s OWI program will assist you with:
•    Maintaining your driving privileges
•    Educating you and addressing any substance use issues

Moving Forward

Under Wisconsin Administrative Codes, you have been court-ordered to:
•    Schedule an assessment within 72 hours of your court date
•    Complete an assessment within 14 days of the court order, or 30 days after the Department of Transportation order
•    Complete referrals as identified on your Driver Safety Plan
•    Pay assessment fees

If you are a Washington County resident, your first step is to contact Elevate to schedule your assessment .  If you live outside of Washington County, please find the facility for your county here.  Failure to complete an assessment will result in non-compliance, the consequence of which is suspension of driving privileges including occupational licenses.

The Assessment

An assessment is an interview process designed to explore and address alcohol and/or other drug use behaviors.  It is mandatory for every person convicted of operating a vehicle while under the influence.  Addressing this issue now will avoid increased costs and penalties.

During the assessment, an Elevate Specialist will:
•    Conduct an interview to identify drug and alcohol use habits
•    Develop a Driver Safety Plan

Any information obtained through an assessment is strictly confidential keeping with Federal Regulation (42 CFR, Part II).

Driver Safety Plan

As part of the assessment process, a Driver Safety Plan (DSP) will be developed.  This plan will:
•    Reveal an understanding of drug and alcohol habits
•    Provide education or treatment opportunities
•    Include referrals to other agencies

Clients are encouraged to contact referral agencies in a timely manner.


Assessment Fees

You will be charged an assessment fee. Specific fee rates will be shared when you call for your appointment.  All fees must be paid in full to Elevate at your initial appointment. Cash, money order and credit or debit cards may be used for payment.  Personal checks are not accepted. 


A 48-hour notice is required when cancelling or changing appointments.  Failure to do so will result in an assessment fee increase.

“I feel like Elevate is focused on helping people get their life back on track by educating them on ... and the consequences of making decisions while intoxicated.”
— Elevate OWI Client

Treatment Alternatives and Diversion Program

The Treatment Alternatives and Diversion (TAD) programs started in 2007 with the goal of offering non-violent offenders the option to enter into voluntary substance abuse treatment, case management, alcohol and drug monitoring, as well as other risk reduction services, as an alternative to incarceration. The intent of the program is to keep non-violent offenders out of jail and correctional facilities, and as a result, save bed space and taxpayer dollars, while treating the underlying addiction that may have contributed to the criminal behavior, thereby reducing future criminal behavior. Elevate’s partnership with Washington County to implement the TAD program began in 2015.

TAD has proven to be effective in reducing recidivism rates and has also been cost effective. A 2013 report of the state’s TAD Programs show that graduates were significantly less likely to be convicted of a new offense within one, two and three years after completion of the program, with 81% of those participants not having a new conviction three years after their participation in the program ended. The report also shows that for every $1 invested in TAD, the criminal justice system saved $1.93 through averted incarceration and reduced crime.

The Washington County TAD Program currently focuses on individuals charged with a 2nd, 3rd, or misdemeanor 4th OWI. Instead of simply serving a jail sentence as a punishment for their offense, individuals are provided treatment and other services that encourage and hold them accountable for maintaining sobriety.  The TAD Program provides these individuals the opportunity to be sober for a significant period of time to evaluate their prior substance use, as well as make long term behavior changes that help improve their lives.