At Elevate, We're Changing the conversation

We want to start talking more about addiction, and what we can do to prevent it. We are suggesting that we start placing less focus on one particular drug and change our focus to the disease of addiction. We know that once we, as a society, control the Heroin Epidemic there will be another drug, and another, and another.  To prevent future epidemics, we need to change the conversation.

While more than 200,000 Americans have died from overdoses related to Prescription Medications and Heroin since 1999, thousands more have died as a result of an overdose from other drugs during the same timeframe. 

Marijuana. Prescription Medications. Cocaine. Alcohol. Heroin.  They are all drugs.  They all have the same ability to change the way we feel.  They all change how our brains react, how our bodies work, and, yes, we can become addicted to them all.  Even more importantly, they can all kill us.

At Elevate we want to remind folks that the abuse of any of the drugs listed above can lead to an addiction, and addiction is the primary reason why so many people are suffering – why so many are dying unnecessarily.

Our staff works every day to try to prevent young people from becoming addicted.  We know through research that the longer we can delay teens from using cigarettes or alcohol or any drug, the less likely they will be to develop an addiction later in life.  Whether it is Heroin or alcohol, our goal is a world where addiction no longer exists.

We need your support. Fewer kids who start using, mean fewer adults addicted.  It also means fewer families broken by this disease. Our grants cannot cover all of our expenses and there are thousands of families, maybe even your own, who struggle in one way or another with the disease of addiction.  Will you help us help them?  Will you let us help you and your family?

With financial support from people like you, we can continue our work in the communities throughout Washington and Waukesha Counties so that no family has to suffer because of the disease of addiction.

At Elevate we’re not just changing lives … we’re saving lives.

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Honor a loved One With Your Donation

Won't you please make a gift to Elevate to honor someone you love or respect, or, make a tribute in memory of someone lost to the disease of addiction.  When your gift is received, Elevate will send a note to the honoree or family acknowledging your gift.


Share Your Heart!

Heart of Canal Street is Potawatomi Hotel & Casino’s signature community program that
raises funds for children’s charities – and Elevate is in the running to be a beneficiary. This marks its 25th anniversary.

Heart of Canal Street has raised more than $18 million for hundreds of area children’s
charities since 1994. The program honors the Potawatomi tradition of nurturing younger
generations so they grow to lead healthy, productive lives.

Half of each $3 or $7 Canal Street Bingo game purchased goes to the Heart of Canal Street
fund, which totaled more than $1.1 million last year! Share your heart by playing the Canal
Street Bingo game now through Dec. 13. Visit to learn more.

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