Elevate “U”

Elevate “U” is a youth intervention program comprised of multiple research-based programs that are designed to help teenagers get back on track if they are experiencing negative impacts from alcohol or drug use, and/or school absenteeism. Upon successful completion of this program, teens will be back on a positive path.

How Referrals Work

Elevate “U” accepts referrals from family members, friends, school staff and occasionally through municipal court. Please contact Elevate’s Youth Intervention Staff at 262-677-2216 for more information.


Program involvement can be provided at little to no cost. Contact Elevate for more information.

Check & Connect©

Check & Connect is a mentoring program that works! Individuals meet with the Check & Connect Coordinator on a regular basis. The mentor coaches and monitors the student’s performance, while helping them problem solve, build skills and boost their confidence and competence.

Participating teens complete an initial assessment, during which individual needs are identified and program plans are presented. Following the initial assessment, students check-in and meet with the mentor, who supports them in reducing barriers to school attendance and improving school outcomes.

Teen Intervene©

Teen Intervene is a proven and effective approach for teens experiencing mild to moderate problems associated with alcohol or other drug use. Teen Intervene helps teens reduce the use of alcohol and marijuana; it increases favorable engagement and motivates teens to make better choices to improve their success in school and in life.

Teen Intervene includes personalized and supportive programming in three to four sessions. During the first meeting, the individual is assessed and program plans are created. Following the initial assessment, teens meet one-on-one with their trained facilitator for two more sessions, with the option of a final session including parents and/or family.

Prime for Life®

Prime for Life is a motivational and nonjudgmental group education program with proven results. Elevate’s Prime for Life group consists of four sessions, which are intended to reduce risks for alcohol and drug problems.  The program focuses on participants’ beliefs, attitudes and behaviors, and what needs to change in order to protect the things that are most valued in participants’ lives. Prime for Life provides a comfortable setting to share thoughts and feelings, while participants self-assess and identify personal risk levels associated with their behavior. 

Contact Us

To refer a young person who may benefit from one of Elevate’s programs or services, please complete this form, or call 262-677-2216 to speak with our youth intervention manager.


“ ...I loved that what I said in group, stayed in group. It made me want to talk about certain issues I’d otherwise not want to talk about.”
— Student